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Robin quivers dating

PHOTOS: Celebrity health scares The initial prognosis was scary, though.

As Quivers told listeners, it took 12 hours for surgeons to remove the grapefruit-sized tumor last May.

Either way, the producers at “The Howard Stern Show” found themselves listening to the private call between Forsyth and Barrigas.

Then, according to the complaint filed Monday in Massachusetts District Court in Boston, they aired it.

It’s unclear exactly why Forsyth had called in to the show.

He was placed on hold by a producer and remained in that limbo when he took Barrigas’ call on a different line. Perhaps the lines got crossed, or perhaps he used two different phones and the first picked up audio from the second.

Lenny Dykstra told listeners to check out Rebound to get a second chance at financing and building credit.

“Well, I think about that, I do think about that, that um, you know.

Near the end of his interview with Bill Murray, Howard Stern turned an already somber discussion about missed career opportunities into an existential grilling.

“Is there something that you question in your own life,” Stern asked, “like why haven’t I found that great love of my life?

During his decades on terrestrial radio, his main passions seemed to be, in no particular order, boob jobs, prostitutes, lesbians and flatulence. What I didn’t appreciate, until hearing Murray lay bare his deepest anxieties, is that since settling in to his new home on satellite radio, which he did in 2006, Stern and his show have gradually taken on an improbable new dimension.

Scattered among the gleefully vulgar mainstays are now long, starkly intimate live exchanges — character excavations that have made Stern one of the most deft and engrossing celebrity interviewers in the business and a sought-after stop for stars selling a movie or setting the record straight.

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I’m not sure what my — what I’m getting done here,” he said, sounding like a man questioning his ultimate purpose.